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New arrivals from Elishacoy-Korean organic skincare & BB creams - CLEO magazine Hall of fame winner & #1 bestselling in Japan!

ELISHACOY is the ranked the number #1 online-selling skincare products in Japan. 
As rated by 3rd party cosmetics ranking body RankingQueen Japan
These products are also used by Japanese  superstar - Ueno Juri 
& Used by Beauty Spas and Salons in Korea!
Japanese star - Ueno Juri

and a Singaporean celebrity blogger - Dawn Yang

Dawn yang review:
Elishacoy Always Triple BB Cream is CLEO magazine's Beauty Hall of fame Winner! =D


ElishaCoy in major Japan + Korea + USA magazines and TV
ELishaCoy Featured on Korean TV below :
& Used in Spas and Beauty Salons in Korea!


Our price RM 29 to RM 99 only
Enjoy best prices from us without buying wholesale, 100% guaranteed original products from Korea!
Seen on Sas*.com RM 100 to RM 169 here:


a) - BB All-In-One Cleanser 200mL 
3 in 1 Function
Used by popular Make Up guru/actress Head2toe:
Enjoy the double functionality of massaging and cleansing and make up removal with various nutritional benefits and a creamy texture for bright, luminous skin.

Apply 1-2 pumps on to dry face and massage smoothly in rolling motion. Cleanse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
TIP: To remove make up, apply evenly on dry face and then rinse with water.

Special Feature
Triple function - Massage gel + cleansing foam + Make up remover

Main Ingredients - Organic botanical extracts     

Centella asiatica extracts, sodium hyaluronate, betaine, rosemary extracts, panthenol,
tocopheryl acetate, chrysanthemum sibiricum extracts.                                                  

Massage Gel:
Skin Circulation & Energizing Highly concentrated massage gel that enhances circulation with rich nutrients and soft rolling massage.

Cleansing Foam & Make up remover:
Dead Skin Cell Control & Deep cleansing Soft and deep cleansing to remove sebum and BB residue aand make up from inside pores,
-Controls pH and protects skin barriers to keep skin firm and resilient.

How to use:
After pumping 1 or 2 times, rub face without water smoothly, massage lightly, and wash clearly with warm water.

Add RM 6 for Poslaju peninsular/RM 9 for Poslaju Sabah Sarawak
Spotted selling @ RM 100++ to 130 locally and internationally


b)- Elishacoy Moist Up Oxygen Bubble Cleanser 

ElishaCoy Moist Up O2 Bubble Cleanser 100ml
[ Description ]
Dual effect of cleansing and air bubles massage are essential parts of keeping your skin healthy and revitalized.

[ How to use ]

Pump the product 3-4 times and apply to dry face, 3~5 seconds after applying to cheeks, when bubbles have formed gently massage the entire face. After massaging rinse with lukewarm water.

[ Suitable for ]

all skin type / combination skin

Add RM 6 for Poslaju peninsular/RM 9 for Poslaju Sabah Sarawak


STEP #2 Toner and serum

a -  Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop 75gm 
(#1 bestseller in Japan)
For snow white + dewy porcelain skin
USA & Korea commercial:


Gel type moisturizer for whitening and moisturizing.

Features and Effects

  • This product is a gel typed moisturizer that resolves the whitening and moisture replenishment at one time.
  • With a sense of use that is moisturized and non-sticking, this product can be applied to all types of skins. This product is a functional cosmetic that obtained the whitening functional certification from the Korea Food & Drug Administration.

Step 1. Excellent Whitening Effect (Whitening, Function Certification)
  • This is a moisturizer of a new concept since the moment you apply this to skin, the water drops of whitening and moisturizing ingredients are absorbed into the skin rapidly so that the whitening and the intensive supply of moisture are achieved at one time.
  • Albutine, and cortex mori extracts remove the macula such as a speckle and freckle, etc., and prohibit the generation of melanin colors, a cause for macula.

Step 2. Supplying of High Moisturizing & High Moisture
  • Keep moisturized and transparent skin as if to be a skin of which the washing just finished!
Step 3. Use of Safe Raw Materials
  • Since this product was made of botanical raw materials, even you who have sensitive or trouble skin can use this product safely.

Special Features
Excellent Whitening Effect, Supplying of High Moisturizing

Main Ingredients
Albutine, seeweeds extracts, cortex mori extracts, sodium hyaluroni acid, mori cortex radicis extracts, portulas oleracea extracts, betaine, tomato extracts, lemon, carrot extracts, black germinated brown rice extracts.

How to Use
STEP 1. After washing your face, make skin texture come to a standstill with a toner.
STEP 2. As if you massaged, apply the ice herb whitening water drop from the bottom of the face toward top, and then make it absorbed as if you tapped.
STEP 3. Finish with a lotion or cream according to the skin type.

Add RM 6 for Poslaju Peninsular / RM 9 for Poslaju Sabah Sarawak
Spotted retailing between RM 100++ to RM 158++

Blogggers' Review:

Celebrity review:

SS Personal review:
For 5 years I have been using SK-II clear essence and the past coupla years i have not seen improvement in my skin, perhaps it has been"immuned" to it, I am not too sure. I switched to Elishacoy in 2011 and after just a month I felt that my skin is more hydrated and supple. And My flakey skin is gone too! I am really happy with this product. I hav reallly sensitive skin and it was togh to find an essence/moisturiser that works without causing allergies on my skin. 


b -  Elishacoy Moist Up Mineral Mist Toner 80ml

Moist UP Pure Mineral Mist Toner 80ml: Clean and Clear deep into your skin! Soothing hypo-allergenic moisturizing mist. Improves skin strength and moisture with the excellent moisturizer, trehalose and sodium hyaluronate. Gives your skin special care to bring out tone with 8 berry extracts, morus bark, pearls, and white tea. Comforts troubled skin and gives you control over sebum with ingredients including witch hazel and CM Complex II.

Directions: Spray all over your face from about 20cm away and lightly tap the face to assure absorption. You can use it over makeup.


  • Super hydrating
  • Brightening
  • Soothing
  • Trouble Care
  • Hypo-allergenic
Add RM 6 for Poslaju peninsular/RM 9 for Poslaju Sabah Sarawak


STEP #3 Moisturize 
Note: I personally recommend this for night usage, as applying the bb creams after Cleanse + Toneis enough for mositurizing one's face due to the moisturizing benefits of bb creams

#3 - Aqua Pudding Whitening cream

Highly functional it is an unique pudding type which recovers back to the initial shape after using. It has special points of freshness like always new and the elastic feelingg for using. It soothes the defects and trouble signs and recovers to the white skin because the restoration and prevention creation of melanin with the action of arbutin. anti-wrinkle cream containing marine collagen and argireline with five patented ingredients for moisturization and resilience
Please apply softly from inside to outside along the skin flow at the last stage of skin care after using the essence or lotion 
OUR Price @ RM 79
Add RM 6 for Poslaju Peninsular / RM 9 for Poslaju Sabah Sarawak
Third party review USA:
STEP #4 : BB Creams!
There are 6 varieties for different needs
2 sizes : 15ml or 50ml
(except Always BABY in 40ml)

15ml tubes@ RM 29 each only! 
(except for Gold Premium @ RM39)
Lasts 1-2 months depending on usage

50ml tubes@ RM 79 each only! 
(except for Gold Premium @ RM99)

#4a - ElishaCoy Always Triple BB cream

SS Personal Review:
(unedited photo below)

*Video review will be up in 1-2 weeks time

Bloggers Comprehensive Review on all ELishacoy bb creams:


#4b - ElishaCoy Always Nuddy 24 BB Cream

Video demo by Korean:

Actual photo in action:

Always Nuddy BB24 BB cream gives a natural look with a little shine and stays true throughout the day with soft supple looking skin that last more than 8 hours without the need to touchup. It has medium coverage and covers red but concealer is recommended on pimples and acne areas.  

Coverage : Sheer to medium 
Texture :  Watery, very easy to blend
 : Beige undertone 
Oil-Control: Approximately 6 hours
Dewy-ness: Natural dewy finish 

SS Personal Review: I love this the most! Very natural finish as though you have nothing on your face.Lightweight and mositurizing as well.


Another review by Traclyn:

SS review: I'd recommend this for night outings, may not be suitable for daytime wear. It has a nice glow to it which will complment your make up routine at night.Can be used as a highlighter for your T zone for a 3D effect to accencuate features.
#4d - ElishaCoy Premium Gold Mineral SPF45+
This product is a low irritating BB cream that does not contain organic UV absorbing agent that may irritate you skin, but contains ECOCERT-awarded organic lavender extract and organic chamomile extract.

Blogger Review for Premium gold bb cream by elishacoy:


#4d - ElishaCoy Always BABY BB Cream

ElishaCoy Always Baby BB Cream SPF35 PA++ 40g
Fresh and Moisturized Baby Skin!
Baby Face BB that softly covers a face!

1. Sage Extract makes your skin fresh and clear by controlling sebum and oil.
2. Organic Chamomile Extract maintains an even skin tone.
3. Covering Powder covers blemishes and clean and clear makeup by softly adhering your skin.
4. Royal Jelly, Rice Callus and Moisturizing ingredient that, is made from pearl extract, make a glossy and silky skin by controlling moisture balance inside the skin.
5. It safely protects harmful UV-rays and Arbutin improves dull skin tone.

-Pore and Sebum control
-UVA/B protection

[How To Use]
After applying doundation,using light strokes of the fingertips,spread a suitable amount of cream thinly over your face.


Always BABY BB cream 
Used by Make Up Guru Michelle PHAN

OUR PRICE @ RM 62 deal
Add RM 6 for Poslaju peninsular/RM 9 for Poslaju Sabah Sarawak


#4d - ElishaCoy Time Capsule BB Cream 15ml (anti aging)
[ Description ]
Osam extract (ginseng, Codonopsls lanceolata, Scrophularla buergeriana, Salvia miltlorrhiza, Sophora flavescens) and long-living callus regenerate cells to provide elasticity deep inside the skin. Time Capsule BB also contains mink oil that leaves the skin smooth and moisturized like the glow of mink’s coat.

[ Features ]

- Creates vibrant and smooth skin!

- Triple functions of UV-blocking, whitening and anti-wrinkle

- Skin cell regeneration, improvement of wrinkles (facial shaping),nourishment supply, skin-calming, improvement of luster, waterproof cream

[ Main Ingredients ]

Purified water, Arbutin, Adenosine, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Tocopheryl acetate, Codonopsis lanceolata root extract, Ginseng extract, Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) root extract, Figwort (Xuanshen) root extract, Sophora flavescens (Ku shen) root extract, Mink oil, Royal jelly extract



ElishaCoy Moist up Collagen Sleeping Mask 50ml

@ RM 69

ElishaCoy Cacao Green Tea Age Fitness Mask 70g

RM 69

1. Removal of Keratin & Blackheads 
Black sugar, a vacuum cleaner for blackhead and keratin. 
Black sugar is rich in vitamins and minerals. Sugar granules containing saccharides thoroughly remove blackheads in the pores and old keratin, leaving skin clean. 
Lemon extract is rich in citric acid that softens keratin and removes keratin accumulating in the skin, keeping it clean. 

2. Moisturizing & Elasticity-Improving & Nourishing 
Cacao thoroughly removes wastes and continues to nourish and moisturize skin, leaving it soft, supple and resilient. 
Honey extract rich in glucosides and sugars keeps skin moisturized and does not leave it feeling tugging, after scrubbed 

3. Use of safe, organic-approved ingredients 
Organic-approved ingredients such as celery, white cabbage, brown rice, tomato and carrot extracts are used. 
Vegetable ingredients not containing any artificial flavor or color are safely used even for the sensitive or trouble-prone skin. 

Main Ingredients 

Skin elasticity-Improving & Nourishing & Moisturizing 
It is the main ingredient in chocolate. Since it has lots of fiber, it permeates into skin and moisturizes it. It is good even for the sensitive skin. Polyphenols in cacao restore your skins health and provide sufficient moisture and nutrients to it. 

Removal of old keratin & skin-softening 
Milk fat makes your rough skin smooth and removes old keratin. Since milk proteins containing essential amino acids promote the regeneration of skin cells, they improve skin elasticity and luster. Calcium in milk prevents your skin from being rough. 

3.Black sugar 
Removal of blackheads & keratin 
It effectively removes keratin, blackheads and waste and abundant minerals and vitamins in black sugar help improve blood circulation, keeping skin clear and healthy. 

Skin softening & moisturizing 
It is good for moisturizing skin and grape sugar, fruit sugar,protein and vitamins contained in honey soften it.


ElishaCoy Waterdrop Sunscreen

SPF33 PA++
Protection UVA/B
Oli Free & Non-Sticky

Brand : Elishacoy
All Skin Types
Volume : 50ml
Made in Korea

OUR PRICE @ RM 69 deal

Add RM 6 for Poslaju peninsular/RM 9 for Poslaju Sabah Sarawak



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miss_graccie said...

hi, may i ask which product is the best for acne and mild-oily face?

Supermodel's Secrets said...

Hi babe, for oily/mild-acne/ we recommed the one for sensitive skin - Always nuddy bb 24) lemme know if u wanna try or u can email us or 0162801990.tq

nich said...

Which bb cream product is best for me,if I hv pigmentation

Supermodel's Secrets said...

nich - for pigmentation, best to use the one with whitening effects -
Always triple bb cream or
Always nuddy bb cream

let us know if you want to order.tq

shane said...

Hi, would like to know BB All-In-One Cleanser 200mL is selling at RM79 or RM89? Price shown in the brochure and blog's post are different. Thanks. :)

Melissa said...

Awww , I just bought some ElishaCoy products yesterday from their Boutique shop, mind if I ask why is ur price cheaper?

Supermodels Secrets said...

Hi sweetie @ Melissa,
These ar epromotional prices and our markup is very low and we eanr lower than boutiqu outselts. We do not have boutique outlet in shoppingmalls which makes our cost /expenses/overheads lowr than that of boutiques hence we manage to have more competitive pricing. You cna order from us your refills in the future.
We have a gallery in ss15 Subang jaya, but managing a gallery in a suburban area rather than a shoppingmall is definitely much lower in costs, allowing us to be more competitive. If we were to open in malls we might not be able to be as competitive too. Hence we decided to grow our online preence instead in order to maintian competitiveness.
For enquiries/orders you may Whatsapp/SMS 0162801990 or Line/wehcta Supermodel2u or Instagram @Supermodels_secrets


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