Wednesday, September 26, 2018

(Eyelashash & Eyebrow Regrowth Therapy)

(Eyelashash Regrowth Therapy Results)

Got eyelashes that are blading ?. Welcome to the club ladies!.  Having weak and short lashes is the biggest flaw I have. It is either they keep falling off or breaking. Thus the reason why I always do eyelash extension to give me that little bit of eye drama. As i have tried many local serums and expensive serums that simply did not work. Thus resulting to monthly visits downtown doing lash extension. Until recently I discovered Lash and Eyebrow Regrowth Therapy by Supermodel Lash.

At first, I thought they would be just applying a regular lash growth serum to the upper and lower lashes, but check out the process video above. It is more than just applying serum, they actually open up the follicles of your lashes with an advance nanotechnology machine and infusing the stemcell serum into the lashes, so that existing lashes continue to grow fuller and longer. Not only that, but just by doing this treatment it also increases the number of hairs produced during the growth phase, resulting in a fuller, thicker appearance.

Benefits of Lash Regrowth Treatment:   > Volumize and Longer Natural looking Eyelashes > It enhances your eyes to make them look bigger > It can be done on upper, lower lashes and even on eyebrows > Strengthens hair roots of eyelashes & eyebrows > It is effective with proven results > Thicker, fuller Lashes & eyebrows > It adopts a similar concept to other hair growth treatment theory by activating and stimulating hair follicles with a serum > No pain > No side effects & low maintenance > Last for 2-3years

The treatment:

Firstly, all eye makeup is removed and the eye area is cleansed. It is advisable to not apply any makeup when coming in for the treatment. Next, measurement of the eyelashes is done and photos will be taken by the lash technician for comparison photos. Serum will then be applied and hair follicles stimulated via micro needling. Lastly, serum is applied again.

As compared to eyelash extension which requires 4-6 weeks of maintenance or to be redone completely, lash regrowth definitely sounds like a better choice. Instead of hurting original lashes, the treatment will give more thicker fuller original lashes. No fakes.

The micro needling may sound very scary, but for a matter of fact. You will not feel any pain or discomfort, just a slight tickle. After treatment is done, there are no swelling or redness. You can go about your daily regular activity, even putting on makeup.

What is the timeline to see results from Eyelash Regrowth Stimulation Treatment?
> Start activating and stimulating eyelash hair follicles
> 7-15 days your hair follicles will condition themselves to prepare for growth
> 3-4 weeks new fine eyelashes will start to grow out
> 35-50 days eyelashes become thicker and darker
> 60- 90 days results of thicker, denser, blacker and longer eyelashes
Below are my results & other Supermodel Lash customer.
Are you convince that you need the therapy now? Look no further just head down over to Supermodel Lash at Empire Gallery Soho Subang Jaya. Whatsapp for location.
Make sure to place a booking by whatsapping 0162801990 beforehand as they are swamped with many customers doing for this therapy.

Lashes have been the most HYPED topic in the beauty market. Everyone was doing lashes, whether it was lash extensions or lash lift. Everyone of all ages were doing them and did it look so gorgeous on them. Plus it didn’t even matter if you had LONG or SHORT lashes, it still could be done.
I first heard about a lash lift when i came across my Instagram explore and found this new coming business called @SUPERMODELLASH. The idea of having lash lift caught my interest, that I would probably opt to do instead of lash extension as it only needs very minimal maintenance

At @supermodellash they had a service called KERATIN LASH LIFT. Which is much better than doing regular permed lashes.


It's an alternative of not having to manually curl your lashes, or having to do lash extensions or even the fact you have to wear  falsies to get bold beautiful eyes. It's a contrasting option to lash expansions and falsies for a twisted lash impact. While some lash lifts utilize perm and smelling salts arrangements, at @supermodellash uses keratin treatment that enhances your natural lashes by lifting the hairs and curling them without damaging original lashes. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF KERATIN LASH LIFT?
Check out the other reviews below and make your decision.
Before appointment: Ensure that you have not done any double eyelid surgery or lasik surgery 2-3 weeks before setting your lash appointment. As it is not advisable by experts in order to avoid damage to the eyes. Besides that, refrain from using waterproof mascara and an eyelash curler three days prior to your appointment to ensure the lashes are relaxed and dry to increase the chance of getting a good lash lift.

Appointment day: Do not use makeup, mascara and contact lens as it has to be removed eventually.

I first checked out their instagram and saw even celebrities like Mimie Harris, Nadia anuar, Miss Malaysia and so on were going there to get their lashes done. Which gave me a lot of confidence in them, the bonus is that they are the most recommended place to get lashes done according to Google with a 5 star rating  and many feedback by customers there.

The intricate process takes about 2 hours as this is included with the tinting process. Even with thicker and damaged lashes the process timing still remains at 2 hours. It is highly recommended to get the tint process as the results are much better. On a side note, you can get a good shut eye for 2 hours as well. So if any of you girls is in need of sleep, you will get it during this process

Once you have done Lash Lift, you are advised that you refrain from getting the lashes wet for 24 hours as the solution on the lashes still need to be cured otherwise the lashes will drop faster


First, your lash technician will cleanse your lashes, and then separate your lower and upper lashes by taping the bottom part of your lashes so they don't get tangled up in the mess of the perming site . Next, the lash technician will stick a silicone shield / curling shield with a special glue . Once the shield is firmly glued onto your eyelid, they will apply another layer of glue to the top of the shield, and start pulling the lashes to the mold on the silicone shield to shape the lashes. The lash technician gave me a M size as my lashes are pretty long, a bonus for me cause i knew my eyes will have a super dramatic effect afterwards.

Next, the technician will comb the lashes to untangle any knots and make them straighten .
After that, they will apply a solution that effectively perms your lashes; the solution softens your lashes so that they are easily moldable. This is normally then left on for eight to twelve minutes depending on how well your hair typically holds: So if you have straight hair that always drops a curl, the perm would be left on for the full 12 minutes. You can also choose to get your lashes tinted at this point. Afterward, a setting solution is applied to hold the curl, and the shields are removed.

(Keratin Lash Lift Results)

The real magic is shown. Natural, longer and thicker lashes without using any mascara which has lasted me for 2 MONTHS  with constant application of makeup and cleansing. Although this may sound bogus, but my my confidence level is as high as the Kardashians posing for nudes without shame. I could literally go out without even applying any makeup and still feel good
I got so many compliments. After doing lash lift, all my friends loved it and gave me compliments, 'you looked great!".

Check out the Process video for more detail:-

So, Is It Worth It?

Check out the other reviews below and make your decision.

Keratin Lash Lift treatment Malaysia by Supermodel Lash (REVIEW by NADIA ANUAR)

Keratin Lash Lift treatment Malaysia by Supermodel Lash (REVIEW by MIMIE HARRIS)

Keratin Lash Lift treatment Malaysia by Supermodel Lash (REVIEW by Miss Grand Malaysia Debra Jeanne)

Hurry place your own booking before it gets full booked !

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          Another trend that is picking up these days is Eyelash Extension. Everybody these days wants to look insta ready with and without lashes which is achievable due to lashes. Lashes play a big roll in completing your whole look. Without eyelashes, your face will look naked and boring. But with it, WOW!. You instantly look like Kylie Jenner. 

          Eventhough you just woke up from a dead sleep, excercise , gone for a swim or down with a cold, you will unfailingly look picture ready.

          The best part of eyelash extension, is that you don't have to wake up hours to put fake eyelashes and spend tons of money every month to get different type of fake eyelashes and glue. It will be the best investment you have ever made.


          Eyelash extension are totally from fake eyelashes. In terms of the lashes used is also different. 

          Fake eyelashes are either made from cheap material like plastic which does irritate the eyes. However, Supermodel Lash has a highgrade of Korean Alluring Eyelash Extension, whereby the use the finest, premium quality of lash fibre that is identical to your natural lashes. Thus, making it not obvious that you have done eyelash extension.

          They are professionally applied, one on each natural lash, with a semi-permanent glue meant to hold them in place for several weeks. Extensions bewitch your lashes with the length and volume that is invisible to the naked eye. Even beyond what multiple coats of mascara and a lash curler could), but at a length your face deserves.


         At Supermodel Lash there are 2 types of services, which is :-

1. Classic 50/50 @ RM 150
2. Full Unlimited @ RM 209 WHICH EYELASH SHOULD YOU GET?

          If you have very little lashes you can go for the unlimited one or if you are not confident enough. You can get a consultation with the head lash texhnician there and they will recommend the best for you. 


Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes, typically six to eight weeks. But if you would like to maintain the volumme you get from the beginning you did your lash extension then Supermodel Lash recommends getting it done after 4weeks. At supermodellash, you can even remove the exsisting old fake lashes which was done somemore else for only RM50.00. Other places would be charging RM100 plus, but not at Supermodel Lash. Even with a terribly done eyelash extension done by other Lash places, it still can be removed.
          Firstly, your eye lashes and eye lids will be cleaned thoroughly. After that, a stick on pad is placed over the bottom lashes , to seperate the bottom lashes from getting tangled with the upper lashes.
          Once that is done, the eyelash extension glueing starts. The lash technician will then use the tweezers to pick the individual fake fibre eyelashes, dip the end in glue and stick it to one of your real eyelash. In between the gaps of our natural eyelashes, more fake eyelashes is being placed to make it look more fuller. Occasionally after a few strands, the lash technician will use a clean mascara brush to brush the fake and the real lashes to make it tidy. 

          After 1.5 hours - 2 hours your eyelash extension will be complete and the results will shock you. You will never look the same ever again after the process. 
Lash Extension Malaysia Review by @zazarinna

Hurry place your own booking before it gets full booked !

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Any anti aging is a win win in every womens heart. Once they hear anti-aging, their eyes turn like this 😍​. Anti-aging products have been a fav among all women ranging from different age group, young or old. Women will find every means to take years off their age, even if it includes doing some household remedies or even follow some superstitious from back in the days, which i am guilty for. 

One day i came across this serum called GRAYMELIN ASTA STEMCELL ANTI-WRINKLE & ANTI AGING SERUM. Straight away the description of the serum as it was anti-aging, anti-wrinkle & it had stemcell's inside it which i've read many articles & watched many aesthetic doctor videos on youtube claiming to dramatically reduce the appearances of wrinkles, fine lines & leaves the skin looking younger without any signs of aging.


1. Cure uneven skin tone
2. Close pores
3. Hydrate + moisturise + improve skin elasticity
4. Reduce acne 
5. Lighten pimple scars + pigmentation
6. Glowing skin
7. Anti-wrinkle 

DO NOT USE IF : you are sensitive to olive oil, shea butter, botanical extracts 

I was so excited to try it and here are the results. This serum has boosted my self confidence by 100% when i go out bare face as it gives the skin a glow that doesn't go away. Usually right after a regular facial, my face would look youthful and glowing due to the serum that has been put on my face, but as soon as i wash it off, the glow is
immediately gone.
However, with GRAYMELIN ASTA STEMCELL ANTI-WRINKLE & ANTI AGING SERUM  my "JLO" glow or korean glow last for DAYS !. Plus my pores have shrunken, scars slowly disappeared, a post acne spots lighten & also my acne started to lessen. This is truly one of the best investments that cost below RM100.

Here is my honest review on GRAYMELIN ASTA STEMCELL SERUM & the steps on how to apply it. 

When and how to use: After cleansing (and after applying any toner, booster, and essence steps in your skincare routine), apply a thin layer to face and neck. Pat in or let dry slightly, then move on to the next step. Graymelin suggests that people with drier complexions apply two layers of this product instead of one in order to maximize hydration. Fiddy says it makes more sense to follow this product up with a different hydrating layer if you need more hydration, because then you’ll benefit from a wider variety of other beneficial ingredients rather than just stacking more of the same. Why only eat carrots when you can eat carrots and kale?
Graymelin Astastemcell Anti-Wrinkle Serum ingredients: (pulled from Hwahae via Tracy of Fanserviced-B and the Snailcast):  Water, PEG/PPG-17/6 copolymer, butylene glycol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, butylene glycol, betaine, Bis-PEG-18 methyl ether dimethyltaurate, scutellaria baicalensis root extractpaeonia suffruticosa root extractastaxanthinhydrolyzed collagencamellia sinensis callus culture extractsodium hyaluronatehydrolyzed pea protein, lecithin, olea europaea (olive) fruit oilsqualane, phytosterols, ceramide 3butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, triethanolamine, sodium polyacrylate, adenosineallantoindipotassium glycyrrhizate

Texture:  Non sticky, more like a jelly texture but once applied it is water based. Making the skin feel oil free for the reast of the day

Results: Pores shrunk alot in the first few weeks of using it and my uneven skin tone is no more. Bye bye uneven skin tone and post acne spots. I've never felt so lively without wearing any makeup when i go out. Especially since i started using this serum my face has its own natural glow as if you've put extra highlight to your face but it isn't. It is just the work of the serum.

All in all, this is the best serum i've ever tried will definetely keep using this at the end of time. Here are other reviews that made me very confident to buy this product.

◒ Website: SUPERMODELS SECRETS BEAUTY STORE (Malaysia & Asia online store) (USA, Europe, Australia & other countries)


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