Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Natural Pink creams for Lips, Cheeks & nipples - New! Dodora Magic pink cream vs Isbrow Pink Lady gloss

Magic pink cream for naturally PINK lips, cheeks and nipples
2 revolutionary magic pink creams
1) Dodora Magic Pink Cream 1 tube @ RM 46 with Poslaju
Popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan - Taiwanese branded

Actual product photo:
OUR PRICE @ RM 46 with POSLAJU / RM 40 without shipping

DoDoRa Youthful Pink
Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence~
Can be used on Lips, Cheeks, Nipple & Private Area~

Able to lighten and brighten dark & dull areas like the nipples, groin and lips

Prevent dryness and chapped lips

Just need to apply the cream on the areas that you want to lighten and brighten up till it is fully absorbed

• Can be used every day after taking your shower

Brand new • 15ml
Tip for purrfect lips - Use Carmex lipbalm after apllying Dodora Pink cream.
3rd party review:


 2) Isbrow Pink Lady Gloss Cream

Actual product in action

 See How it works!
This video applies to both products
Video is for illustration only.We do not hold any rights to the video.
A revolutionary beauty product that restores your lips and cheeks to its natural pink state, formulated with Cherry extract and Vitamin C. Pink Lady Gloss Cream natural plant extracts build a hydrating membrane to soften and moisturize lips and embellish your lips. It is also a perfect solution for ladies who wish to restore pink color for discolored  lips, cheeks and other parts of their body. The natural ingredients in this product works to provide moisture and radiance on lips in a minute!
It restores instant pinkness that last all day and there's no need to apply lipstick.Pink Lady Gloss Cream treats skin discolouration due to smoking, breastfeeding, ageing and sun exposure.

Usage : Apply directly to lips or other parts of body that you wish to restore pink and youthful shade.

Our Price: RM 78 (Inclusive PosLAJU)

My personal review:
DODORA Magic Pink cream
This one also gives a very natural pink hue for my lips / nipples upon application. The portion is much more compared to Isbrow and this one is also cheaper, It will probably last 3-5 months with daily usage compared to isbrow which lasts for only 1 month+. Very worth it i'd say. However i find this a little bit waxy compared to Isbrow upon application. Hence I recommend applying lip balm once this one dries up to protect ur lips.

Isbrow Pink Lady Gloss cream
The above photo is taken by myself before and after application of Pink Lady Gloss Cream. It works really well to give my lips a natural pink shade. I have slightly discoloured lips on the top section, slightly whitish and dry. It lasts for about 12 hours for me after eating two meals even. I like it cause i don't have to apply lipstick when I use this. =)
It has good control as the applicator allows you to adjust the amount you need and you can use the pencil brush to brush it on your lips. The color is natural on the cheeks too. It takes abit of practice to apply on the cheeks though. Be careful when you're applying it on the cheeks, do not over apply, else you'll end up having really red cheeks! It is 5 ml, pretty small, lasts about 1.5to 2 months for me with daily use.

1. Dodora

2. Isbrow


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Efarojie said...

hey, i wanna know the price for proncess pinki.
email me : kast_hata@yahoo.co.uk, thanks

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

permanent ? or just temporary (only after use it) ?
need to reapply?
good stuff

Supermodel's Secrets said...

Princess momoy>hey babe. this is temporary only after using it..will last 12 hrs..very natural looking =) i tink apply once a day is gud enuff..at most two times a day..shudnt need much reapplication

dOon*dOon said...

halo...if i wan to order how ya?? i wan dodora pink cream..can i bank in to u??
email me: doon0582_91@hotmail.com
urgent y!~

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